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Swiped Right

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Your phone buzzes. Just one buzz - it’s a text notification.

Scrambling, you start reaching for your phone to see if it’s that cute girl or guy who you matched with earlier…

Your heart’s racing and your brain’s working at warp-speed, imagining all the potential scenarios that could unfold and change the course of your entire future in just a few days…

“Hey, I think you’re really cool, but I just didn’t feel a spark. Good luck to you in this crazy world 😉.”

Online dating may be the #1 source of relationships and marriages in recent years, but WOW. It can get real hairy out there.

And while lots of people seem to have instant success without any work… most of us, quite simply, don’t.

Seriously, how many times have you matched with someone

Spent effort and time into writing that first message (which we all know is super important!)... 

And you either receive some generic one-liner, or worse - nothing at all?

Or maybe you’ve got the matching part down (which is awesome! - good for you). But how are those dates going?

You go out on a bunch of superficial first dates, and people either flake or act completely uninterested. And even if the first date goes well, a few dates later and you realize this isn’t going anywhere. No chemistry.

Why is this? Well, here’s the thing:

Dating, and online dating in particular...

Is a skill. 

And like any skill, real improvement comes from proper training, and putting in the work.

If you wanted to get good at Spanish, would you start out by throwing yourself into full-on conversations and winging it?

Of course not!

You’d join a class and take it one step at a time: first learn some vocab, then some verbs with some good tips/ tricks along the way (if your teacher is worth their salt). 

And before you know it you’d start putting simple sentences together.

The same is true for dating - and online dating in particular!

So what if there was a way to rapidly learn the skill of dating...

With a personalized coach who could level you up daily…

So that in just four weeks, you could stop surviving… and start thriving?

Meet Tennesha.

My name's Tennesha Wood, and I'm the coach behind Swiped Right.

As a relationship expert and dating coach, I’ve helped thousands of people from all types of backgrounds attract - and build a relationship - with that special someone.

The game’s changed a lot in the last 10 years... especially with the explosion of online apps.

That’s why you need someone who knows how to level you up in all facets of the dating scene.

Whether you’re struggling to get quality matches, have too many matches and don't know how to engage with the right people… or even if you’ve got no clue where to begin…

There's a way to achieve your dating goals with far less pain and wasted time. In fact, dating can even be a fun and rewarding source of joy in your life.

And the best part?

I’m here to see you succeed. From start to finish.

So stop struggling alone. We’re lining up a team that I'm already thrilled to coach...

And we'd be so happy to welcome you as a new participant.

Introducing Swiped Right

A 21-day interactive dating course and challenge.

  • Multiple lessons weekly from Tennesha Wood that will help to transform your love life forever
  • Ongoing personalized feedback in response to challenge lessons
  • Have fun and be part of a learning community
  • Access to analytics tracking through the Buzzer app

Join us on This new Journey!

21 Days. 12 Lessons. 12 Challenges.

Swiped Right helps you to optimize your online dating life with lessons and group activities over a four week period.  Led by dating coach Tennesha Wood, you'll learn how to set dating goals, overcome roadblocks, create a standout profile, and master the in-person approach (the quarantine won't last forever!).  After each lesson, you'll have to complete a challenge and upload a video of it to the Swiped Right app.  The Swiped Right community - as well as coach Tennesha - will be there to give you feedback.  At the end of the course, you'll be ready to return to the dating scene with complete confidence.

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 25% discount ! Use the code "SWIPED25" at checkout. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 7 Days

If you are not happy with the course within the first seven days, we will give you all of your money back, no questions asked. If you purchased the Intensive Course and already had a 1-on-1 session with Tennesha Wood within the first seven days, you will receive a prorated refund.

When you Sign Up Now, You'll Get:

Turbocharge Confidence

Unlock your hidden strengths and learn how to attract- and effectively charm - the highest caliber singles in your city.

Never Run Out Of Conversations

What you say before the date is just as important as what you say during. Learn how to keep conversations going in any situation, get past that first date and start making meaningful connections.

Optimize Profile For 50% More Matches

Learn how to tweak the language, photos, and other signals to attract your ideal partner.

Clarity of Focus

Having a clear roadmap and plan in your dating life will enable you to find that perfect someone fast and painless. And once you've accomplished that, you can ditch those dating apps for good.

Here’s what people are saying about

the Swiped Right Challenge

Denise P.

Real Estate

Be your authentic self

It was such a pleasure to work with Tennesha! She has an energy about her that quickly makes you comfortable and put your guard down, so that you can be your authentic self.

John C.


An amazing opportunity to reflect and grow

Going into the Swiped Right course, I thought it was going to be completely prescriptive: do this, don't do that, and so forth. What I found was so different... and much more beneficial. The Swiped Right course helped me look within myself, at the roadblocks to dating... and the shift to my mindset was more important than a better profile (but that helped too!).

Laura B.


Focus on quality

Tennesha took the time to learn about my past relationships, understand me as a person and tease out what I'm looking for in a relationship in order to figure out who would be a good match for me. You can tell that her focus is on quality matches vs just volume.

Do I have To Share With a Bunch of Strangers?

All sharing in the challenge is optional.  With each lesson, there is a challenge to complete through a video upload back to the Buzzer platform.  You can designate each post to be available to all participants, only Tennesha, or completely private to you (as a personal log of your experiences).  

That being said, we believe that sharing with the group create opportunity for connection and personal development.  So if you feel comfortable, please share!

Does this Really Work?

If you ask most people why they are single, they will quickly tell you that “there aren't enough good men/women out there” or that they "live in the wrong city", or that they, "just don't have the time."

The truth is that everything we need to meet the right person is within us. This process is about you and you will get out what you put into it - but we show you where to focus your efforts. The Swiped Right course will help you to uncover the things you need to work on to be the best version of yourself to attract quality matches.

This all starts from within. Swiped Right will help you to identify your roadblocks so you can reframe them and feel confident while you're navigating the dating scene. In turn, you'll be better able to identify the right people for you, release the ones who aren't, and avoid self-sabotaging behaviors so you can establish the healthy relationship you want.

I'm attractive and Successful. Why bother with a Dating Coach?

Everyone can benefit from coaching from an expert (in any field) and a community of like-minded people. Attractive and successful people have just as many challenges with online dating as those who may have a lower volume of matches.

The real question is not whether you have it all together and are getting lots of matches, but rather, are you completely satisfied with how dating is working for you right now?  If the answer is yes, then by all means, spend your time and money receiving coaching in another area of your life that is in need of improvement.  But if you have made it this far down into the page, I suspect that dating is an area of your life that you would like to work better.

The Swiped Right Curriculum


Module 1: Set Dating Goals

Before we can create transformation, we need to get an accurate version of your current state. What are your dating goals? How does your current profile look? Let's share. Meeting the right person can be magical, but it’s not magic. In this module, we'll set intentions and define your dating expectations to create a roadmap.


Module 2: Overcome Roadblocks

Has anyone ever asked why you’re single? It may seem invasive, but the truth is, there is always a core problem that's creating roadblocks - and preventing us from taking that big first step. In this module, we will identify our roadblocks and implement strategies to move past them. We’ll also focus on identifying strengths, weaknesses, deal-breakers and must-haves to build a stand out profile.


Module 3: Create a Standout Profile

Dating apps provide unmatched access to singles. Tinder alone has over 50 million users. How do you stand out in a pool that deep? In this module, we will create a standout profile that attracts the types of people you're interested in meeting.


Module 4: Approach People

Whether in person or online, first impressions count. In this module, you’ll learn how to confidently and directly approach matches you're interested in. So, whether it's messaging or meeting in person - you're ready to go.



Bonus 1
Motivational Emails with Each Lesson

With each lesson, you will receive an email from Tennesha (optional) that describes the lesson and provides motivation for your training.

Bonus 2
Weekly Group Zoom Calls with Tennesha Wood

At the end of each week, Tennesha will host a group Zoom call with participants.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions live to Tennesha, discuss progress via the challenges, and connect with other participants.

Bonus 3
Personalized Highlight Video

All participants who actively engage during the course will receive a personalized highlight video of their experience in the Swiped Right challenge. 

About the Challenge Leader,

Tennesha Wood

Tennesha Wood is a dating coach and creator of the popular podcast Dating, Relationships, and Love (DRL). On DRL, Tennesha takes an intimate and honest look at what it means to date and fall in love in a “swipe right” world. Tennesha also starred in the docu-series #blacklove where viewers watch her navigate a new relationship.

Tennesha’s mantra is know you, be you, love you. She believes that love starts within, and once you love yourself and embrace authenticity, love will find its way to you. Tennesha’s advice has been featured on ABC news, Rolling Out, Thought Catalog, and more. Tennesha is also a combat veteran; she spent 9 years in the Army and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom in Basra, Iraq for 18 months.

Here’s what people are saying about

Tennesha Wood

Jennifer D.


Saved me from hours of online swiping and texting

Tennesha graciously made the introductions, figured out the logistics and laid out a smooth path to making good connections. In addition to all this, she sent me cheery hype texts on the day off as well as following up after the date to help me figure out what is and isn't for me. All in all, an excellent experience - she saved me from hours of online swiping and texting that might not lead to IRL meetings - and introduced me to someone who checked many of my boxes.

David R.

Art Director

Asks great questions

Tennesha asks great questions. No wonder her podcast is so entertaining! With just a half-hour conversation she was able to help me with my online profile. When I first read the description she wrote, I was really wowed. I get many comments that they really love my profile!

Laura A.

Marketing Specialist

"We need to change this!"

Tennesha asked if she could see my online profile. In less than 30 seconds she said, “we need to change this”. I handed over my phone and she went to work. After a few probing questions and a little bit of Tennesha’s magic touch, my generic responses were transformed into witty and captivating statements. There was a definite increase in the number of matches, and the quality of every match was off the charts!!

Learning EVERYTHING on Your OWN IS


What is your time worth? What are your dreams worth?

How much time have you wasted, swiping endlessly with no results? Or going out on dates that never went anywhere?

Inefficient and ineffective dating can easily cost thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in wasted time every year.

And even worse, it delays the relationship that you've been seeking this whole time. The one you deserve. Sadly enough, you may never "figure it all out" on your own.

Working with a therapist can cost up to $250 per hour, and in many cases, it can be worth every penny. And please note -- this course is not a replacement for therapy! We love therapy and specifically recommend it in the course in the section that relates to past trauma.

So, the question for you is:

How can you best attack the best that is dating?

You basically have three options.

You can do nothing, and figure it out on your own -- costing you many thousands a year in wasted time (easily adding up to tens of thousands over a decade).

You can address everything with 1:1 therapy or coaching at hundreds per hour, also costing you thousands per year.

Or... you can create a strong base of knowledge and insights about dating through Swiped Right.

Once you are armed with this solid base of knowledge and optimizations, you can more efficiently use personalized coaching from a higher starting point.

BASIC course

All The Fundamentals



  • 12 video lessons over a 21 day period
  • Feedback from challenge participants and coaching from Tennesha Wood on your posts (as time permits)
  • Weekly group Zoom calls with Tennesha Wood
  • Performance tracking through the Buzzer app

 Fundamentals + 1-on-1 Training



  • Everything from the Basic Course
  • Personalized video coaching from Tennesha Wood on all of your posts
  • Three private 20 minute FaceTime or Zoom coaching calls with Tennesha Wood



100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 7 Days

If you are not happy with the course within the first ten days, we will give you all of your money back, no questions asked. If you purchased the Intensive Course and already had a 1-on-1 session with Tennesha Wood within the first seven days, you will receive a prorated refund.

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about DATING COACH


Laura B.


The kick in the tush I needed!

Tennesha’s an absolute force of nature - and the best thing that’s ever happened to my dating life. Through her help and guidance, I was able to really nail down what makes me stand point as a person - and potential partner. Her expertise shined through even more when it came to helping me find potential matches. I honestly don’t know where my dating life would be if it hadn’t been for Tennesha!

Linda P.


This is dope!

Respect. Picked up so many keys, advice, and insights. Great program Tennesha!

Glenda S.

Financial Advisor

Relatable and actionable

I absolutely love listening to DRL! Not only are the guests fascinating, but also Tennesha has a wonderful gift bringing those stories out in a way that is relatable and actionable for my own dating life. The episodes are filled with humor, vulnerability and deep introspection ...not to mention a drake lyric or two.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to share personal information to Participate?

how much time does this course require?

What is buzzer?

Who will give me feedback?

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

BASIC course

All the Fundamentals



  • 12 video lessons over a 21 day period
  • Feedback from challenge participants and coaching from Tennesha Wood on your posts (as time permits)
  • Weekly group Zoom calls with Tennesha Wood
  • Performance tracking through the Buzzer app
Advanced cOACHING

Fundamentals + 1-on-1 Training



  • Everything from the Basic Course
  • Personalized video coaching from Tennesha Wood on all of your posts
  • Three private 20 minute FaceTime or Zoom coaching calls with Tennesha Wood

Note From Tennesha Wood

You deserve the love and companionship that you desire. Love can be magic, but dating isn't magical; it requires an open heart and a clear vision of who you are and what you want.

If you’ve been frustrated by dating, let's bring the fun back! Dating can and should be enjoyable. There's a way to achieve your dating goals, so don't struggle alone. We have a team that I'm thrilled to coach and we're happy to welcome you as a new participant.

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